Lumetta Task

Lumetta- Diversified featured product

The contemporary solution The contemporary solution to general lighting applications. Task offers strong illumination properties and even lighting distribution that helps ease eye strain and makes for a more pleasant work environment. Learn More

USAi Slope


Incline for Sloped Ceilings Beautiful and precise recessed lighting for 15° – 45° sloped ceilings. USAI Lighting’s proprietary engineering provides perfectly aligned installations with an integral leveler. Designed with the iconic BeveLED Family aesthetic, experience high performance with a consistent roomside appearance. Learn More

Tambient G305


UV-C disinfection for the desktop By addressing the disinfection of work surfaces, the tambient® G305 provides increased certainty that office work surfaces and desktop objects (such as keyboards and personal items)
are disinfected without using harsh chemicals and exacting manual cleaning procedures. Learn More

LSI Mirada


Industry-leading photometry through LSI’s exclusive molded silicone optical system The Mirada features contemporary, sleek, low-profile styling perfectly suited for architectural and commercial applications. Suitable for schools, office buildings, parking lots, strip malls, petroleum, new construction, renovations and general lighting applications. Learn More

Leto 11 Mini P

Leto 11 Mini P

LETO 11 Mini is a slimmed down version of the LETO 11 by Senso Lighting. This small, medium and tall pendant is slim and offers sleek minimalism to work and sitting areas with an efficient and powerful LED module known for color accuracy and long-term color shift. Learn more >



Design Patent Pending Le Louvre by Betacalco features a stunning three-dimensional diagonal louver structure that gives the profile a closed appearance when the light is switched off and an open appearance when the light source is on. Consider this low-glare aesthetic alternative to generic rectangular office lighting systems. Product Overview: Design Patent Pending Le Louvre features a stunning three-dimensional diagonal louver […]

AP Edge-lit Arched Panel

AP Edge-lit Arched Panel

The AT Recessed Architectural Series by Williams features an evenly illuminated back-lit curved lens, providing visual comfort. Three unique styles with distinct center detail create a highly-aesthetic presence.  Gently curved aperture provides soft, even illumination Slim 3-3/4″ depth for shallow plenum applications Seamless design prevents light leak Learn More >



Hubbell Lighting has introduced SpectraSAFE, the first scalable, cloud-based and wireless video security solution designed for commercial and industrial building applications that seamlessly integrates into a wide range of luminaires. SpectraSAFE™ is a scalable, cloud-enabled and lighting-based wireless video security solution for interior commercial and industrial applications. SpectraSAFE enables customers to implement a new—or complement an existing–security […]


Kenall's NEW SenScape

Campus, Area & Site Lighting that Provides a Safer Path Introducing SenScape™ Area Lighting – LED luminaires with a camera embedded into a clean design, providing added safety and security for patrons and their property, while also complementing the landscape of: Medical campuses Business & educational campuses City Parks Parking lots & area lighting These […]