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The Signature Group

Signature design elements are vital in every space – they create an impression, evoke a feeling, make a statement.

The Signature Group, a specialty design & services team by Diversified, can realize your signature design through the use of luminous walls, ceilings and clouds, custom and modified decorative lighting, and branded illumination.

Let our decades of experience, access to unique product, and comprehensive solution- oriented approach bring your most important design elements to life.


Our 3 Areas of Specialty

Luminous Walls, Ceilings, Clouds

The New Paradigm of Lighting

Illumination from the surface.

Solutions for walls, ceilings, and clouds.

Custom & Modified Decorative

Glowing Jewelry for your Space

Bespoke solutions; you speak it, we build it.

Variations on a theme are one of our specialties.

Luminous Logos

Show Your Brand in the Best Light

Interior and exterior signage.

Custom logos and backlit graphics.