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Diversified sets the industry standard in lighting and lighting control solutions.


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Diversified sets the industry standard in lighting and lighting control solutions.

In an ever-evolving industry, we are dedicated to lighting education and training.

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Motorized Exam & Surgical Lights
INFRALED PRO is Kirlin’s award-winning recessed motorized patient lighting system. Designed for ultimate infection control in critical environments, each fixture’s LED light engine instantaneously aims to task via handheld controls, significantly reducing contaminated surfaces in clinical spaces.
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SmartLED MRI Lighting System
In MRI suites and hybrid operating rooms, Kirlin provides the industry’s largest selection of non-ferromagnetic luminaires, RFI/EMI filters, and remote drivers. Each component works seamlessly with the others, delivering ease of installation and peace of mind in MRI suites around the world.
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Behavioral Health
In behavioral health treatment facilities, the goal is to create a home-like aesthetic while engineering patient safety into every feature and fixture. Kirlin’s robust anti-ligature luminaires are approved for use in the highest-risk spaces, but are designed to appear subtle, inconspicuous, and residential.
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Diversified Group has been incorporated since 1969. Our market area consists of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We enjoy a prestigious reputation in the industry and through concerted efforts have garnered widespread recognition as a strong specification agency among the area’s leading engineering and architectural firms.