Diversified reveals a new name & look!

Diversified Group

As part of this continued growth and investment, we also felt it was an appropriate time to evolve our brand and logo to better reflect our focus on serving our customers with a wider array of solutions and services. With that in mind, our agency will now simply be known as Diversified, with a new logo that features a clean and modern style, yet carries a classic and robust feel reflective of our 50+ year history serving the market.

Lightfair Philadelphia right around the corner!


LightFair 2019 exhibitors prepare for the City of Brotherly Love. LightFair International launches next week in Philadelphia, PA, with this year’s theme “The Synergy of Light in Life.” The organizers have placed the integration of connectivity and design at the forefront of this year’s conference and tradeshow, so we will see how that is demonstrated […]

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Diversified Joins Forces with Essential Lighting in North Jersey!

Diversified, the largest lighting representative of Eastern PA, DE, and South Jersey, and Essential Lighting Associates of North Jersey have joined forces to provide local specifiers, contractors, distributors, and building owners with best-in-class design for their lighting and control needs.  The newly combined agency will be known as the Diversified Group with separate regional entities of Diversified PHL and Diversified NJ, in respect of differences in line card and local personnel.

Michael Buchwald and Kenneth Noll will continue as principals of Diversified NJ driving day-to-day quotations and project business with Distributors and Contractors. Lance Hollner, who leads the Specification, Controls and Marketing Teams at Diversified Group and Brian Connors, who directly leads the Specification efforts, will add additional leadership to this newly combined agency.  In addition, hiring has already commenced with at least four new specification and controls personnel coming onboard immediately.

“Our merger with Essential Lighting fulfills a long held goal of expansion so that we can better serve our customers doing business across all of New Jersey.  It also enables us to preserve specifications coming out of Philadelphia and other surrounding territories”, explains Bruce King, CEO of Diversified Group.

Buchwald added “The joining of our agency with Diversified provided us immediate access to significant resources and capabilities, allowing Ken and I to greatly accelerate our efforts towards being the premier agency in North Jersey”.

In addition to joining the agencies and quickly growing the local team, Diversified NJ plans to add several new factories to their line card in the very near future. “Lighting Manufacturers appreciate our track record of success,” Hollner stated.  “Further, most manufacturers agree the market will benefit from new representation options, and are excited about our detailed expansion plans.  We look forward to several upcoming announcements of factories joining Diversified NJ as well as other details yet to come.”
About Diversified & Essential
Diversified is a leading representative of high quality lighting and controls.  Counting all of Hubbell, Legrand, and Leviton’s lighting lines amongst their wide variety of solutions, their 80+ associates and four resource centers have been serving their customers for over 50 years.

Essential Lighting Associates acquired the territory from Electric Lighting Agencies in 2017, where they continued to represent ~ 70 lines, including Hubbell, Color Kinetics, Pinnacle, Ledra Brands, and Digital Lumens.  With a new office and a resource center in Fairfield, this dynamic and growing team is better equipped than ever to provide complete lighting & control solutions to the North Jersey market.

For additional information, please contact Mike Buchwald or Ken Noll at 973-439-1524 or visit our current websites at https://diversified-phl.com and http://www.essential-ltg.com.



Diversified is happy to announce our partnership with Lumium Lighting. Lumium Lighting is inspired by creativity, motivated through innovation, and dedicated to producing visually stunning and High performing light fixtures, and is a company passionate about lighting. As designers they view the world with the notion that “good enough” never is. Holding to the belief […]

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Diversified is proud to announce our partnership with Gantom Lighting & Controls Gantom Lighting & Controls, formerly Darklight, was founded in the Spring of 2010 as a manufacturer of special-effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. The specialize in illumination of low-light and space-constrained environments where traditional theatrical luminaires aren’t suitable. gantom.com gantom.com […]

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Diversified Lighting is proud to announce the addition of OSRAM Digital Control Systems to our family of world-class lighting solutions. OSRAM Digital Control Systems, a leading global digital lighting systems provider, offers the industry’s most innovative lighting solutions available today with an eye to the future. OSRAM solutions range from intelligent integrated fixture components like […]

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Join us in welcoming Lightnet to Diversified! Lightnet is a specialist in professional building illumination with the goal daily of inspiring Lightnet customers with aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaires. With over 12,000 square metres of production area, they develop and produce a wide spectrum of high-quality luminaires for highly diverse applications. Experience gathered over many years allows […]

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Diversified Lighting Associates (DLA) has always celebrated the unique results which can be produced through the power of diversity. Diversity brings fresh and creative perspectives to a situation. Diversity brings unique people and their special talents to a situation. Diversity brings the best of all of us to a situation. DLA continues to seek out […]

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